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Saskia Vese

Saskia is a recording artist from Doncaster. Her new single “Say Hello” is her first venture into country music.
Saskia has worked as a model, and a Shania Twain tribute performer , before turning her talents to creating her own music as a solo artist and she sings, country, pop, country rock and many other genres.

The up-tempo song “Say Hello” was written and produced by EBA RECORDS who played all the instruments.

It’s her first original solo single and fondly tips a nod to her mother. The song relates the tale of a young father leaving the family resulting in the girl having to pave her own path in life (which is personal and relatable to Saskia). She may be wide eyed and free but the girl misses him on those stormy nights:

“Wide eyed and free in this mad mad world
Come say hello to the world
All I want is all I need is to have my daddy home”

A comforting and strong willed mother is resigned to the fact to be positive and move on with a free-wheeling spirit. Fast forward some 2 decades, burdens and regrets have healed and the girl, now a mature lady, makes a pledge to her own young daughter, to be there thus giving her the life she didn’t have.

“. Say Hello” has already received many great reviews and comments. Already voted song of the week by Indie Country Radio . Phoenix radio commented the song as ‘ brilliant ‘

The single is available as a download from ITunes and Amazon and a preview can be heard by clicking on my preview video .

I hope you like the track and will play it on iPhone Android tablet and laptop .
If possible can you please let me have your feedback. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me .

Saskia Vese


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